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What are Tiki Cards™ nail stickers made of?  Are they safe?
Tiki Cards™ nail stickers are made of a very thin paper mix with a non-toxic adhesive on the back. There is no known health hazard associated with the use of Tiki Cards™ nail stickers.

How many applications does one Tiki Card™ provide?
Each Tiki Card™ contains 12 nail stickers, or 6 labeled sets (the five fingers and one extra to address sizing or application error).

How do I apply Tiki Cards™ nail stickers?
Clean and dry nail bed using an alcohol-based cleanser. Apply suitably sized nail sticker to nail bed, pressing center to sides, cuticle to tip and holding firmly for 20 seconds. Use nail clippers to trim overhanging ends of sticker from nail.

Do I need to apply a base or top coat?
You do not have to apply a top or base coat when using Tiki Cards™ nail stickers. However, there would be no adverse effects in doing so.

How long with the Tiki Cards™ nail stickers last on my nails?
If they are properly applied, Tiki Cards™ nail stickers should several days.

What if my nail is too big/too small for the Tiki Cards™ nail stickers?
We know one size does not fit all when it comes to nails!  If you have are having trouble finding a size that fits perfectly, we recommend using the Tiki Cards™ nail stickers labeled “Extra” and trimming it so that it is just smaller than your nail to avoid the sticker touching skin or cuticles. Using a Tiki Cards™ nail sticker that is too large and touches your skin or cuticles may cause lifting at the edges.

Can I go swimming while wearing the Tiki Cards™ nail stickers?
Yes. The adhesive on Tiki Cards nail stickers are pressure sensitive and create a waterproof seal if they are applied correctly.

How do I remove the Tiki Cards™ nail stickers?
Rub a natural oil (we like coconut oil, canola also works) across the nail bed. Gently peel sticker off nail. Visit our YouTube channel or Facebook page to see nail sticker removal videos.

Still have questions? Please email us at info@mytikicards.com.